From here to there.
You’re going places.


Feeling blocked? Like an imposter? In need of a confidence boost? Uninspired? Have too many ideas? Unsure of your next steps? Yep x 100. Been there. Feel ya! It’s totally normal and sorry to break it to you, but may not have all the answers overnight. When you do something right, it often needs time.

Full confession: my biggest growth didn’t happen alone. It took vulnerability and openness to other ideas that weren’t always comfortable. I still struggle with procrastination and avoidance like many others. But when things really took off for me was when I started investing in myself. Sometimes this was introspectively, other times it was through workshops, classes, or coaches. The more perspectives I gained, the more my super powers grew into a unique combination of tools to draw from.

That’s why I wanted to create three packages to help you get you where you want to be.



You + me!

1 hour conversation. You talk, and I listen. Like really listen. I’ll ask you questions, and do my best to give you the jolt you’ve been looking for.

Things we may talk about:

  • All your awesome ideas

  • Getting it done

  • Progress over perfection

  • Where to start

  • Stopping burnout before it starts

  • Finding more harmony in your work/life

  • Getting over mental blocks

  • The upside to imposter syndrome

  • Your definition of success

  • Principles, values, and vision

  • Finding motivation

  • Connecting the dots

  • Finding your super powers

  • What’s next?

  • Unlikely inspiration

  • Creative solutions

  • Places to sharpen your skills

  • Business models

  • Taking your career to the next level

  • Changing careers

  • Polishing your portfolio

  • Brainstorming

  • Navigating work and life

  • Navigating Paris

  • Every and anything!

I’ll share resources + a recap in a follow-up email. (P.S. There’s also an option for 3-months of coaching to ensure you stay on track.)

On Skype, Hangouts, phone, or in a café if we happen to be in the same city.

When are you free? Shoot me an email, and let’s make this happen!

240€ HT*



You + me!

6 1-hour calls over 3 months to accompany you on your journey. This option is a deeper look into what can happen on a typical 1- hour consultation. We’re able to weave in more layers and exercises and dig deep.

Think of it as a mix of coaching and consulting in one – I’m here to support you however you need it. You’ll have an accountability partner and cheerleader throughout your journey. You’ll also have me on your side via email between calls as well.

Perhaps you have one project you want to dig deep on, or maybe you have many ideas you want to toss around over time. Throughout the process, different topics will surely emerge that we’ll explore together as well. All it takes is an open mind. Are you ready to take your work to the next level?!?

On Skype / Hangouts / phone, and email.

Currently accepting applications. Grab a slot before they’re gone! It starts with a quick email to make sure we’re a good fit.

1200€ HT*



You + me!

A full day of inspiration, exploration, and wayfinding. We’ll start the day with a coffee at a Paris café where we’ll talk about your goals, hopes, dreams, strategy, you name it. From there we’ll make a tentative plan to explore Paris (I’ve got this covered). We’ll likely check out a museum, or some shops, but we’ll also just walk and talk, or maybe sit in a park and mindmap. I cater the day according to your interests, and what I think can spark creativity in you. It’s an adventure, and we may re-route throughout the day as new thoughts and ideas come to mind. We’ll spend 6 hours together, then we’ll hop on a 30-min call a few weeks later to check in. You’ll be able to email any questions too. I want to help you get to the next level! To do that, it’s time to step away from the computer.

PARIS! Not in Paris, but still want to do this? Let’s talk and see if we can make it happen in another city.

How’s tomorrow sound? Kidding, but not really. Don’t put it off. Reach out to me to get something on the calendar.

Read more + sample day on Navigate Paris!

800€ HT *

(travel + meals not included)


What past clients have to say…

I am pretty much always overwhelmed with too many ideas, and I have so much trouble turning data into action steps. I was looking for someone to help provide insight + a sounding board as I worked through important decisions for my business, and since Anne’s career path is one I admire + feel kinship with, it made perfect sense to work with Anne.

It’s always nice to see things from another’s perspective when they don’t feel that spectacular in my own every day life. I do feel like I have a nice bit of momentum going right now and I also feel hopeful for the first time in a few months. Which I do not take for granted and am so, so grateful for.

Anne is super inspiring and kind - she has a way of seeing my own “magical powers” that I don’t always see or recognize in myself, and she’s really enthusiastic about even the small victories - which is contagious. She’s also great at connecting the dots between my crazy ideas and making things easy.

Having Anne in your corner is such a valuable gift! She makes complicated things feel simpler and has a way of helping you move the needle with a combination of encouragement and accountability.

I can’t wait to continue working with Anne again in the future!
— Annabelle Needles, Video Editor, Evergreen Lane Productions
For anyone who wants to clarify and refine different ideas and interests, Anne is an invaluable resource. In one hour, she helped me formulate an exciting theme for my blog. She provided sources for printing and publishing one of my quirky projects. She recommended a few short courses to spark creativity and career choices. Anne was the kick-starter I needed to take me to the next level in my writing and creative endeavors.
I discovered Anne through her Skillshare map making and travel poster courses. I’d been looking for a creative consultant for my two new brands that involve travel and design. Anne was the perfect person for feedback and recommendations. It was so valuable to have her fresh and objective viewpoint of my plans. Anne was a delight to work with and had current practical resources to recommend at our creative brainstorming meeting. I’m still working on her list of wonderful ideas and inspirational sites.
I first booked Anne for a 1:1 meeting over coffee in Paris. After just an hour she helped me figure out the career path I wanted to take in my life, dig out my passion, and how I could bring my skills and passion together. She had great insight and loads of resources to share. Her always positive thoughts and actionable steps meant I could take steps to make change after that first meeting. From there I booked 3-months of calls.

Anne has great enthusiasm and energy, which helps a lot for getting motivated! The coaching was based on goals I wanted to set for myself, mixed with goals she suggested for me, combined with learnings from her experience, and my experience. We had a very open and casual way of working, quite spontaneous even over email between calls. We were constantly exchanging thoughts and I love that way of working. Anne helps you see the obvious when your mind is cluttered.

For me, working with a coach was a way to bring things back to reality, learning from someone who has been there before and can explain the steps, de-dramatize the process, share experiences, and set goals together.

I also gained an incredible amount of resources I keep going back to: podcasts, reads, inspiration as I continue to build and evolve in my own path. I learned that nothing is set in stone but in constant change, and that progress is what matters the most. I also picked up great tips on writing, dealing with clients, and managing expectations.
— Deborah Brakha, Graphic Designer, Art Director & Illustrator

Keep in mind…

You don’t have to have everything figured out to move forward.

Embrace the blank page. And the process.

Go for progress. Don’t wait for perfection.

You don’t know until you try.

You don’t have to do it alone.

You’re not the only one who can get in their head.

Let’s connect the dots together.

Let’s do this! 💪

Why work with a business / life / creative coach?

For more testimonials, check out the page work with me.


* HT = hors tax. Sales tax or the VAT in France is 20%. If you live abroad or have your own business you may be exempt.