Never stop learning.


I love sharing knowledge and what I’ve learned, while putting my own spin on it.

I’ve taught both online and in person, in traditional universities and online platforms, for groups of teenagers up to students in their 60s+. I’ve worked with schools, venture capital firms, start-ups, non-profits, and for designers and non-designers alike.

While I’ve created a lot of online courses, I love connecting in face to face. Below are some ideas of what you can learn from me, or that I can bring to your organization.

Keep checking back. Looking ahead, I also hope to develop more of my own courses and workshops.

Online Courses

In Real Life

  • SCENT SAFARI – CREATIVE BURST WORKSHOP – a day of inspiration and creative documentation in the Serres d’Auteuil for IFF / ISIPCA- Masters in Scent Design and Creation students

  • THINK LIKE A STORYTELLER – internal workshop + animation (Louis Vuitton, Paris)


  • DIGITAL TOOLKIT FOR COMMUNICATIONS – 3 DAY MODULE (American University of Paris, graduate)

  • THE DESIGN / ENTREPRENEUR (Parsons Paris – semester course, undergraduate)

  • CV + SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOPS (Parsons Paris, Simplon)


    • Eric Maisel’s Deep Writing Workshop Paris

    • IFF / ISIPCA- Masters in Scent Design and Creation program

    • Parsons Global Executive Masters in Strategic Design & Management program (+ Paris consultant)

Conference talks

  • THE HIVE (Berlin) : Blogging etiquette + dealing with negative comments

  • BLOGTACULAR (London) : “Making It

  • UX CAMP DC (Washington DC) : The tools you use

  • THE F CONFERENCE! @ The Family (Paris)

  • PRODUCT CRUNCH PARIS: Design Principles for Your Professional Trajectory

Guest Lectures

  • MICA

  • American University of Paris

  • Parsons Paris

  • DePaul University

  • University of Virginia

  • Simplon (French tech)

✈ For more ideas of what I may be able to bring to you, check out the page work with me. I’m also available to travel.


Things I wish I learned in school.

+ How to do taxes.
+ Financial planning.
+ Excel and spreadsheets.
+ How to run a business.
+ Alternative biz models.

What’s on your list of #thingsiwishilearnedinschool?


I love learning.

One of the biggest gifts I was given as an educator was the permission to learn anything I didn’t know. It sounds simple, but was incredibly empowering.

Rather than feeling scared, intimidated, or like an imposter, do a little digging (Google makes it easy) and see what you can figure out and teach yourself. From there, fall into the rabbit hole. Go offline, find a book, visit a library, talk to a human, engage your curiosity.

With time, I’ve fully embraced that you really can learn anything you don’t know. Now I can’t get enough, continually building my skills but also sharing what I know. I’ve also discovered that the more I invest in myself and my skills, the more success I find in what I do. Each random interest becomes a new super power, in my back pocket when needed.

Then I learned to take it a level up, teach it. It turns out when you teach something you learn it at a whole new level. You have to be able to explain it. No matter what the subject. (Try teaching someone how to cut an onion to start.)

The deeper I get into my business, the learning does not end. In fact, it intensifies as more doors keep unlocking. Knowledge is power. Never stop learning.

Each experience helps inform what I bring to clients and consultations. You can find more of my favorite resources in my “library”.

My own education includes:

  • Anthropology & Art History, BA: University of Virginia '03

  • Wells College Program for the Arts in Paris, study abroad, fall '01

  • Semester at Sea, 10-country around the world study abroad program, spring '02

  • Publications Design, MA: University of Baltimore '06

  • Graphic Design Continuing Education: MICA, '07/08

  • Global Communications, MA: American University of Paris '11

  • Design Thinking Facilitator Training: DesignThinkers Academy '16

  • Creativity Coaching Facilitation Training (intro + advanced with Eric Maisel) ‘17

Conferences and workshops I've attended and loved:  

  • Annie Atkins: Graphic Design for Film workshop (Dublin)

  • Nordic Design Conference (Stockholm)

  • Robert McKee Storytelling Seminar (London)

  • AdobeMax: Creativity Conference (San Diego)

  • What Design Can Do (Amsterdam)

  • Cultural Tourism Workshop (London)

  • General Assembly (London)

  • An Interesting Day (Oslo)

  • UX Camp DC (Washington DC)

  • UX Conference London (London)

  • Boisbuchet summer workshops (France)

  • Nearly Impossible (NYC)

  • Design Thinkers (Toronto)

  • School of Life (Paris + London)

  • 99U (NYC)

  • Paula Scher Masterclass (DC)

  • Design Educators Conference (Baltimore)

  • Edward Tufte one-day course (Boston)

  • Sarah Richards Content Design workshop (The Hague)

  • Meighan O’Toole courses (online)

  • Marie Forleo Copy Cure + B-School (online)

  • Writing for Dream Clients with Jen Carrington (online)

  • Deep Writing Workshop with Eric Maisel (Paris)

  • Creative Mornings (free talks worldwide)

  • online: CreativeLive, Skillshare, Behance Live


Full disclosure: I use referral links with my Skillshare courses, where I earn more. If you’re thinking about signing up for any course on Skillshare, I’d be most grateful if you entered through one of my links.🙏