Imposter syndrome, continued.


Earlier this summer I hopped on a call to talk about imposter syndrome with Tara Tuttle, an Australian life coach to chat on her podcast, Be Uncluttered. The conversation was inspired by a blog post I’d written about the benefits of imposter syndrome.

In the episode (and article) I refer to a specific scenario where the imposter in me roared strong, but in the end I was able to overcome it and grow a ton. It was so fun to chat it through with Tara and have her side of the imposter too.


The thing I didn’t realize is that in the time between when we recorded, and when it went live, I feel like a new kind of imposter crept in. I shouldn’t be surprised because I’m trying to push myself in business in new ways, and ways that are uncomfortable (yet ultimately rewarding).

It’s funny because I feel like I would have answered many of the questions differently today (although, I still stand by my initial responses). Businesses and life are living creatures, so it’s normal that we grow and change with time. So I’m working on a new thing: sitting with the discomfort. Is it comfortable? Oh hell, no! Will I survive? Yes, I will.

So I wanted to remind you that imposter syndrome isn’t something you overcome and then are finished with it. It roars its head in all sorts of ways, and sometimes in ways you may not see coming. My vote is to embrace the imposter. Give it time if need be. But don’t be afraid to face your fears head on. I think you might surprise yourself. I know I did.

I also think that it’s incredibly important we all keep sharing our stories of feeling like a fraud and an imposter. That way we remind each other that we’re not alone and we’re not the only people feeling this way. I know I’ll be sharing more stories on this Biz Blog moving forward, and you can already find lots of moments of honesty in the archives.

I invite you to share your experience(s) with imposter syndrome in the comments below. I’d love to know too what you thought of the episode. What resonated with you? Anything you disagreed with? Related to?

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