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Anne Stark Ditmeyer is an American design and communications consultant based in Paris, France. She founded Prêt à Voyager (translation: ready to travel) in 2007 to explore the intersection of travel and design with the mantra "travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world." Anne has never been one to take the traditional path, and enjoys collaborating with a range of clients in the realms of travel, design, and education, particularly through workshops and consultations.

Photo by Ashley Ludaescher. (More photos here).

[The above paragraph was written in 3rd person for when someone needs my bio.]

Random facts about me: I've lived in 5 U.S. states, 2 countries, and on a ship around the world, I love maps, I've visited a country for every year I've been alive,  I've visited all the public swimming pools in Paris, I'm featured in Lisa Congdon's book The Joy of Swimming, I was a coxswain on the men's crew team at UVA (I'm a very tall coxswain), I also know how to row (both sides), I enjoy taking hip-hop classes in French, I was able to stay in France because I started my own business, I never imagined the business section would be my favorite area in bookstores, I made a cameo in episode 6 of Rachel Khoo's 'The Little Paris Kitchen' on BBC, and I was an extra in the Pierce Brosnan/Emma Thompson movie 'The Love Punch' but I got cut.

Conferences and workshops I've attended and loved:  Annie Atkins: Graphic Design for Film workshop (Dublin), Robert McKee Storytelling Seminar (London), AdobeMax: Creativity Conference (San Diego)What Design Can Do (Amsterdam), DesignThinkers Academy (Amsterdam), Cultural Tourism Workshop (London), General Assembly (London), An Interesting Day (Oslo), Boisbuchet (France), Nearly Impossible (NYC), Design Thinkers (Toronto), School of Life Paris, 99U (NYC), Paula Scher Masterclass, Design Educators Conference (Baltimore), Edward Tufte one-day course,





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