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These days it's hard to run a business or do much of anything without having a web presence. There are millions of blogs, and each day the number is growing. Anne understands the online marketplace and current movements in web. Anne does not consider herself a "web designer," but rather a "designer for web." She works within existing frameworks and templates – Wordpress, Squarespace, Blogger and Cargo – to make them work for your needs. The benefit of working within these models is that they are user friendly and once the site is set-up (Anne will do the dirty work), it is easy for the client to maintain.

Web projects include:
* Shift Change – A website for a consultancy aimed at providing operational improvement and organizational change.
* These Stolen Days – The website / blog of author Nina Sovich to help promote her forthcoming book with an online presence.
* Louis Latour – This site is designed to share excerpts of noted oenophile Louis Latour’s book on the history of wine that have been translated into English.

Please contact Anne directly if you're interested in having her help you with a website or blog.