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1. Design communicates a message
2. Design is more than graphics, it can also be an experience
3. The best solutions are often the simplest solutions (but not without a lot of thought)
4. Less is more + white space is a good thing
5. Type can say a lot (chose your fonts wisely)
6. Designing for print and designing for web are two different beasts.
7. Design should be smart and make you think
8. Design makes you see the world in a new way
9. Design has the potential change the world
10. Design is a collaboration with the client

* CenterStage [theater] (employee)
* Cho Benn Holback + Associates [architects] (employee)
- CBH+A (marketing and presentation materials)
- Baltimore School for the Arts (donor/building signage)
- The Smithsonian Institution and the Hirshhorn Museum (wayfinding)
- Geppi's Entertainment Museum (exhibit signage)
* Tillett Lighting Design (logo revamp)
* Everyman Theater (gala signage)
* The American University of Paris (50th anniversary logo)
* Wayfare Magazine / See Jane Fly (co-art director, pilot edition)
* Lola's Cookies (logo + postcard)
* Peacock Pavilions (press release + promotional piece)